The Watershed Alliance of York (WAY) is a coalition of stakeholders committed to being an innovative leader educating the public and encouraging watershed planning, restoration and protection, through locally led conservation, education and stewardship initiatives, in York County and beyond.”


In the 21st century and beyond, generations of York County citizens and stakeholders enjoy healthy communities, economic sustainability and environmental quality, through locally led watershed conservation, education and stewardship initiatives restoring, enhancing, sustaining, and protecting the balance between humans, renewable and nonrenewable resources, and our environment.


The Watershed Alliance of York (WAY) and its partners recognize the important  interrelationships of land use, clean water and biodiversity, in York County, Susquehanna River Basin, and Chesapeake Bay watersheds, as being vital to restoring, enhancing, protecting, and sustaining community health, economic sustainability and environmental quality, in the 21st century.


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